About Us

Established on April 23, 2008, Young Scholar Education Center commenced its journey in Banning, CA, as a dedicated institution catering to the educational and childcare needs of the community. Over the years, we have evolved into a reputable establishment, garnering the trust and support of numerous families who continue to entrust us with their children's education and care. 

Recognizing the significance of selecting the most suitable center for a child's development, we are comited to exceeding expectations of every family we have the privilege to serve.

Through extensive research and evaluation of various educational curriculum, we have diligently curated a selection of the finest practices and curriculum components. This meticulous process ensures that our school maintains a standard of excellence in providing an enriching educational experiences for our students.

We eagerly anticipate collaborating closely with our families, fostering a supportive partnership to ensure the holistic development and success of every child entrusted to our care.


What Sets Us Apart

We prioritize the instruction of Social Studies and Science, subjects that assume greater specifically starting from Kindergarten through 1st Grade. 

In our curriculum, Science transcends mere rote activities such as planting a bean:rather, it serves as a catalyst for fostering a profound exploration of growth, igniting a passion for learning, and nurturing the innate curiosity inherent in children's interactions with the world around them. Likewise, out approach to social Studies extends beyond imparting historical knowledge: it  encompasses fostering culture of respect for diverse traditions and perspectives, nurturing empathy and understanding, and delving into the rich tapestry of our nation's history and societal dynamics.Science is not just about the planting of a bean, but it's about exploring the growth, it's about being passionate about learning and the curiosity that comes along with everything children come across with. Social Studies is about respecting each others celebrations and accepting one another. It's about the history of this country and much more.

Our students not only comprehend these fundamentals principals but also embrace them wholeheartedly. We are dedicated to delivering these subjects in an engaging and supportive learning environment, ensuring that each child is equipped with the knowledge and values necessary for their continued academic and personal growth.

Zayden Age: 4